mom cat and her babies feeding and playing


kitten rescue https watch v zyg9uw59kko rescued kitten transformation https watch v lwg8bqtrmsq cat giving a birth to 5 kittens https watch v xk3msiyibdi we have set up a paypal donation account https cgi bin webscr cmd _s xclick amp hosted_button_id a9drb2n999kda amp source url hello we are stoyan and dessy and we love animals especially cats we have two cats alexa and rijo and a dog lora. in our country there are lots of feral and stray cats they live on the streets and feed from the trash cans. some people love them but some hate them and hurt them. unfortunately we can t help all cats but we will do our best. please support us by subscribing to our channel. kittens playing at 13 17


Hello friends, we are a couple that helps and feeds stray cats daily. Youtube doesn't pay us anything so we need more subscribers and viewers, once we become monetized we will be able to feed more cats and even open a shelter one day. Please, consider subscribing to our channel and sharing our videos, it may seem like a small step, but it will help tremendously in our mission!

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As long as they are safe and not still on the streets, you have my support. So many on You Tube are just filming them on the streets for clicks and YT money. Kudos for giving them a safe and warm space. Thank you.

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Elizabeth Cook


I can't support you economically but will do everything in my hand so you get monetized: give you a like, subscribe, watch all the whole videos from your channel and share just in case someone I know may be interested, thing I doubt cuz I'm from Spain and we have no animal consciousness whatsoever. Thanks for your priceless labour 🙏🏻💞

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Teto Kasane


Bless you for everything you do for the beautiful animals from 🇺🇸

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adman harv

i suggest You give some sort of special milk to them It cures any cat sickness and plus They wont be thirsty~

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