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Now they didn't make it clear if that's a UK or American seventh floor, as in the USA they tend to start with floor one as the ground floor whereas in the UK it would be counted as floor zero.

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It really irritates me when rich idiots leave their fortune to their pet. Seriously, they want all that money to be spent on pampering one cat? Are they really so removed from reality that they think keeping their pet in luxury is the best use of so much money? There are millions if not billions of causes infinitely more deserving. She could have rehomed the cat or left It to someone in her will and given the money to charities like cancer research, homeless shelters, sick & starving children in the 3rd world, disaster relief, children orphaned by war, AIDS research, training guide dogs for blind or deaf people, cat and dog homes, caring for endangered species etc. Any of these options and many more besides could have resulted in multiple lives being saved or drastically improved but no. Instead let's just make sure that one, solitary cat which already lives in the lap of luxury can continue to have a better life than most humans.

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Xander Vampire


She's actually correct, a cat is more likely to go to people who don't like cats. People who don't like cats are less likely to stare at them or call them over. Generally, a cat interprets stares as a threat or aggression since they are ambush hunters and due to their size they are considered both predator and prey. This is one of the reasons why a cat views a slow blink as friendly/affectionate.

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CC stands for carbon copy
Everybody knows that

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There's two kinds of cat lovers. You have the "OMG KITTY!!!"-type of cat lovers, and you have the "they're so cute when they purr"-type. Cats, in my experience, don't like people who are hyper. As such, they will flee "OMG KITTY!!!"-type cat lovers, while nestling with cat lovers that are less explicitly cat lovers. I think that might be what sparked the myth.

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martijn van weele


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