this wild baby monkey is obsessed with her cat the dodo wild hearts

The Dodo

when this monkey was rescued she was scared and alone. luckily this cat adopted her but when it was time for the monkey to be released back into the wild she couldn t say bye. to help care for billo avni and all of the other animals they live with you can support peepal farm https peepal. introducing dodo swag https 2n3zrsb love animals subscribe http 2tv6ocd iquest hablas espa ntilde ol https 2bsun4o follow the dodo tweet with us on twitter https 2jast1m howl with us on https 2qfkbgt take a peek at our snapchat http 2gkvhsz love our instagram http 2agaece like us on facebook http 1dj9lmn read more on our site http kwdont for the love of animals. pass it on. thedodo animals dog cat kitten puppy


a reason i dont want any animals that are different types like a monkey and a cat is because sometimes i feel the monkey could make the cat unpatient and mad so then they fight

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Noble six

How do people dislike this honestly 😂😂

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X.CrAcK_HeAd _Gaming.X


and then theres cats who snap and whap.
why cant more cats be like this?

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What a cute monkey. The monkey & cat have matching colors as well.

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My neighbour’s cat likes to follow me around as shown in my videos..😻

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Hamzah Nordin


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