raw or boiled meat which will the cat choose


there is some beef and one hungry cat. one part of the beef will be raw and the other part will be boiled. the raw meat is red. the cooked meat is almost brown. let rsquo s watch what the cat likes to eat more. subscribe also to the second channel catpusic academy http youtube.com catpusicacademy on the second channel all useful information tips lessons training lifehacks for any questions e mail catpusic gmail.com instagram http instagram.com catpusic facebook http facebook.com catpusic home and shop http catpusic.com

В сыром мясе живая кровь , которая так необходима хищникам ... когда режем скот, наливаем барбосу в большую тарелку крови тёплой свежей, он её лакает аж хвост дрожит

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Жанат Маханов


Ohh that is a nice experiment, i always give my cat a cooded meat.. Put did car prefer beaf of chicken?

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MOHD alesee

How meow! 🐾

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Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

Скажите хоть,как зовут этого милого дегустатора?

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Екатерина Лукьянчик


To not forget the mouse is also raw !🐁🐈

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Dr. Safou Sal


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