family seeks help with their cat s random attacks my cat from hell

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bowie is a playful 1 year old cat and his family are becoming worried about his random attacks . jackson galaxy steps in to help educate them about how to properly understand bowie s behaviour and redirect his energy into playing. stream full episodes of my cat from hell https tv shows my cat from hell subscribe to animal planet https channel uckebdbzlyh lbb2fgmosmaq sub_confirmation 1 join us on facebook https animalplanet follow animal planet on twitter https animalplanet follow animal planet on instagram https animalplanet


Jackson's facial hair reminds me of the manger and the little chin part that he has is like where baby Jesus was at

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Vixen Rachel


Can we just take a moment and admire the beautiful eyes of one of daughters

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nabiha Ali

You said that was just the cat playing but i heard hissing

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Abraham Doucette


Cats are like children A good smack on the ass does wonders!

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Ray Parker


That dude had a big ass head no cap

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Keegan Parker


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