bongo cat i m something else official music video parody

TJ Toons

i m something else bongo cat parody try not to die from cuteness part two lol 3 disclaimer the characters portrayed in this music video are people who are deemed as close friends or people who are working or have worked with somethingelseyt. cameos sugarcub theamaazing thepivotsxxd jaiden animations theodd1sout rebecca parham please go check out the original video music down below vvv https watch v 5ibieyzxobk check out and subscribe to somethingelseyt https user trolldawgz sugarcub https user princessneugets thepivotsxxd https user thepivotsxxd rebecca parham aka let me explain studios https user letmeexplainstudios theamaazing https channel ucq9hvhh kryhi5ynj2kblwq jaiden animations https channel ucgwu0nby2wskw8n cghnlpa theodd1sout https results search_query theodd1sout i wasn t going to do another bongo cat video since it s practically a dead meme but it was a highly requested video plus i really love adam s new hit song. so i guess i would have done it regardless. this honestly took me a lot longer than expected but hopefully it was all worth it next video is definitely gonna be a story time video so keep your eyes peeled for that thanks for all the love and support. hopefully i ll see some of you in vidcon much love if you enjoyed the video make sure to subscribe and slap the notification bell for more updates on future videos thanks for watching and reading this description. hope you all have a great toontastic day 3 nbsp ok love you byeeeee follow me on my social media instagram tjtoons https tjtoons twitter tjtoons https tjtoons if you d like to send me fan art please send it to me through twitter cause that s what i usually check on a daily basis. you can still send it to me via email as well but i m more likely to check it faster through twitter. email tjtoonsyt oh wow you read the entire description i didn t expect you to get this far. you re really something else

A bongo cat version of my song.... Mom, ur bois made it >:')

(Also just a heads up, a publishing company swooped in and stole a piece of my composition despite not working on it (I made everything you hear and including 100% of the lyrics. They have been claiming my song stealing money from everyone who has fun and even claimed my video (100% of my revenue is gone but YouTube might be holding on to it. Edit: YouTube is not holding on to it...). So if the video gets claimed, it ain't me :(

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I only just realized how much I appreciate this song

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SomeThingElseYT has the best raps, and when YOU animate it, its more better!

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😈I will. Poll you.r unaderwer done

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