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meet cuddly and playful bitsy. can you give bitsy a home https cats bitsy bitsy is an adorable little girl who is a loving gentle soul. she loves her fuss and is a playful too. but it is important to gain her trust as she always acts a bit coy at first but once she knows that everything is safe and that there is some fuss to be had she is the smoochiest of the smoochy. she needs a chilled out home with people who will dote on her and give her lots of fuss and affection and also keep her occupied. she also likes to wriggle and show off her belly acting even more cute than you thought could even be possible and to top it all off she even has her own song. ldquo she wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie tabby stripey coat fur kini. rdquo adopt a dog or cat dogs https dogs cats https cats donate if you are unable to adopt please consider donating to us. we can help more animals with your support https donate about mayhew mayhew is one of the most effective animal welfare organisations in london helping thousands of dogs and cats to escape a life of abandonment cruelty and neglect each year. our vision a society where animals are treated and cared for with respect. our mission statement helping animals in need gain a better quality of life by delivering a broad range of community based animal care education and welfare projects. follow us facebook https themayhew twitter https themayhew instagram https themayhew adopt a dog or cat dogs https dogs cats https cats


So cute!!! @Mayhew the link to her page on Mayhew is not working

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maeva le roch

Itsy bitsy baby!

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Michelle sammut


Don't worry Bitsy, you'll find a loving home this weekend. I'm pretty sure about that. Such a cutie.

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Sabine Bruland


Bitsy is absolutely adorable 😊❤

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Jay M



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