feral or friendly rescuing a sick street cat

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don t forget to subscribe and please follow us on instagram for daily updates https instagram.com flatbushcats julius appeared outside looking for food but wouldn t come near me for days. i had a feeling he wasn t feral hopefully he was just a shy stray cat who needed some tlc. but first i needed to trap him to provide medical attention. follow his journey from the streets to vip life to get involved in helping feral or friendly cats take a trap neuter return tnr certification course at aspcapro.org. our social channels https instagram.com flatbushcats https twitter.com flatbushcats https facebook.com flatbushcatstnr to donate or learn more https flatbushcats.org music in order hushed still life alan ellis liquid sun rays flughand flugdank https flughand.bandcamp.com smartface the writer more info on feral and friendly stray cats https www.alleycat.org resources feral and stray cats an important difference

Ambient Music 10
Information 10
Camera work 10
Giving an animal a second chance at life is priceless and needs no score.

Great channel, your video editing the quality, and the attention to detailed information in every video makes this valuable and educational. The ambient background music you guys use is my favorite. Some channels about animals use the most annoying music. Thank you for having good taste!

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Chilling In R.I.


You all do great work!

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Ruby Twilite


I really wish we could foster homeless humans this way. Unfortunately, they usually have intractable addictions or mental issues. funny how cats are easier to help.

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One Person

Such sweet! 🐾💖

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How cutie! 🐱🐾

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